Mishkat Law Firm

Through a network of offices across Egypt, UAE and Qatar, Mishkat Law Firm was launched to provide a broad range of legal services which aim to offer comprehensive business oriented legal recommendations and solutions to its local and international clients.

Network of offices

Mishkat moves with a network of contacts and advisors throughout the region, and always willing to build up any new collaboration with parties from any jurisdiction for the benefit and emerging of business.

Firm team

composed of attorneys, legal consultants trained in various jurisdictions, with an international mindset and a commitment to delivering high quality legal advice to top international clients.


For more than 30 years, our partners have provided the highest quality legal services to clients in complex litigation and business transactions in the Egyptian market and other market throughout the Gulf area.

Lawyers and Counsels

dedicate their time, knowledge and technical abilities to support clients in Egypt and the Gulf area in order to assist them to successfully deal with the challenges of the contemporary business.

OUR Structure

Mishkat law firm render the legal service through three main departments working in parallel in order to approach the best and unique service for our clients. The firm structured as follows:
• • Corporate and Transactions Department• •
• • Litigation and Disputes Resolution Department• •
• • Real Estate Services Department• •


support clients




successfully deal

Litigation and Disputes Resolution Department.

Our litigation department is handled by attorneys and litigators of high reputation admitted to appear and plea before all courts and judicial bodies in the region and the Arab world. The department represents client for all judicial claims, disputes may be aroused or filed before courts, judicial tribunals, amicable settlement panel, and arbitration panels from or against them. Further, prepares bailiffs, memorandums of defending, delivering supporting documents to the judicial competent authority. In addition, we established a professional alternative disputes resolution section to undertake the local and international arbitration cases to maintain our clients business in connection with their disputes resolution.

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Attorneys and legal Consultants.

Real Estate Services and AuthenticationsDepartment.

This department has been established in order to provide a comprehensive real estate support and projects’ development consultancies. Department consist group of legal and practical experts in the field of real estate registration, real estate marketing and development, projects’ development and management.

The department undertakes finding solutions for landlords through providing ideas and views assisting landlords to get as much profits of their premises and to increase the premises market value. The Department provides ideas , suggestions, investment and economic feasibility studies, financing and resourcing, providing best contractors through a wide data base of high standard local and international contractors, and project management plan for increasing the marginal profit and the product’s market value. Further, the department cooperates with group of marketing, media, publishing companies, architects and design companies. in addition, this department has a wide network of contacts with landlords of lands and premises , owners of standing projects, financing and resourcing foundations the region.

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Mishkat's law practice is based on the concept of knowledge and creativity. Our attorneys, consultants have diverse backgrounds with a range of business and practical experiences as well as varying personal and professional interests. They are recognized nationally and internationally for their legal skills and the depth of their expertise. all of them have engaged to provide legal support for global and international companies and institutions. The diversity of our people strengthens our ability to evaluate issues confronting our clients and to communicate effectively on their behalf in any setting. To learn more about or to contact one of our attorneys and legal consultants please click on their individual profiles.

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Corporate and Transactional Department

People under this department are assigned to handle the preparation, finalizing and legalizing of all documentations required for the incorporation of legal entities, further the department handles the procedural process for registration at the governmental authorities such as Commercial Registrar, Chamber of Commerce, and General Authority for Investment and Free zones (GAFI), Tax authority, Customs, Social Security and Labour Office. We assist clients in obtaining and renewing all licenses and permits, operating license, opening various required files for client such as, Tax file, Social Security file etc, and following up with other required legal procedures for Client’s registration.

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