Real Estate Services and Authentications Department

This department has been established in order to provide a comprehensive real estate support and projects’ development consultancies. Department consist group of legal and practical experts in the field of real estate registration, real estate marketing and development, projects’ development and management.
The department undertakes finding solutions for landlords through providing ideas and views assisting landlords to get as much profits of their premises and to increase the premises market value. The Department provides ideas , suggestions, investment and economic feasibility studies, financing and resourcing, providing best contractors through a wide data base of high standard local and international contractors, and project management plan for increasing the marginal profit and the product’s market value. Further, the department cooperates with group of marketing, media, publishing companies, architects and design companies. in addition, this department has a wide network of contacts with landlords of lands and premises , owners of standing projects, financing and resourcing foundations the region.
Through this department, client shall be directed to the most appropriate investment opportunities by preparing a full overview and plan for modernizing his premise or project welling to invest in. beside, under this department we provide marketing studies, preparing real estate legal analysis, and researches for real estate marketing and development companies, project management companies, in cooperation with the other Departments.