Corporate and Transactional Department

Corporate department is exclusively dedicated to carry out all registration processes required for companies, partnerships, representative offices, branches of foreign companies and legal entities looking for establishing their legal presence in the market.
People under this department are assigned to handle the preparation, finalizing and legalizing of all documentations required for the incorporation of legal entities, further the department handles the procedural process for registration at the governmental authorities such as Commercial Registrar, Chamber of Commerce, and General Authority for Investment and Free zones (GAFI), Tax authority, Customs, Social Security and Labour Office. We assist clients in obtaining and renewing all licenses and permits, operating license, opening various required files for client such as, Tax file, Social Security file etc, and following up with other required legal procedures for Client’s registration.

The department is further providing the full support to foreign investors willing to do business in the region, driving them to the most suitable legal structure for their potential business. Standing beside the client step by step from the stage of studying the market and preparing the required documents until the stage of issuance of execution license and start of business. In addition, we committed to keep clients updated with all information and expected legal, economic, and political changes relating to their business.
Actively working under this department a group of fully skilled attorneys and approved agents specialized in registration, filing, renewal and protection of ideas, concepts, business operation plans and information, know-how, product or service information and advertising, trademarks and patents, trade names and copyrights.
Basically, this department, in-parallel with other firm's departments, plays an important role in due diligences services, and legal analysis and planning for projects and the most complex transactions.
In order to achieve the integrated and accurate legal service for our client, and for the significant role of the legal consultation, we beard in mind that the team of this department shall consist of high standard legal attorneys and counsels with wide experience in the legal field in various jurisdictions in which our offices are located and through mutual cooperation and association with reputable law firms and legal counselors all over the world. The department provides a comprehensive business oriented legal advices, opinions, recommendations and solutions for local and international clients, drafting and reviewing all kinds of contracts, agreements, memorandums, settlements, deeds, writs and other legal documents.
The Department provides a financial and taxation consultations according to tax and customs laws, regulations, decrees, and circulars which may impose financial obligations on Client. Besides auditing and financial services for clients whatever the nature of their business, in coordination with reputable accounting and auditing offices and firms in the region and worldwide.