Litigation and Disputes Resolution Department

Our litigation department is handled by attorneys and litigators of high reputation admitted to appear and plea before all courts and judicial bodies in the region and the Arab world. The department represents client for all judicial claims, disputes may be aroused or filed before courts, judicial tribunals, amicable settlement panel, and arbitration panels from or against them. Further, prepares bailiffs, memorandums of defending, delivering supporting documents to the judicial competent authority. in addition, we established a professional alternative disputes resolution section to undertake the local and international arbitration cases to maintain our clients business in connection with their disputes resolution. We provide our clients with full ADR services, including; advising our clients to appoint their arbitrator, negotiation and drafting of the arbitration clauses and agreements, preparing the memorandums and statements of claim or defense, undertaking the arbitration procedures.
The Department further undertakes the enforcement of the final judgments, ruling, sentences and arbitration awards issued by national and foreign courts, arbitration panels and other judicial bodies.